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We are leveling the playing field for Micro Charities

Good Work Hub connects charities to the tools, grants and people to deliver their mission and maximize their impact. Our platform was created to do what Technology does best: democratize access, break down barriers and enable productivity.

When charities have the support they need, they can truly work wonders. Doing good work is hard work and we all need all the help we can get. 

"We are committed to the good people doing the great work to create a better world."

Our team

Good Work Hub was made for DoGooders by DoGooders!
Kimone Gooden
Founder and CEO
Athena Su
Tech Lead
Audrey Duet
Head of AI
Raj Misra
Chief Marketing Officer
Cici Cheng
Software Developer
Natalie Berwald
Sangeetha Jadhav
Software Developer
Jan Kzbudniewek
Software Developer
Tania Lynch
Social Media
Lilla Main
UX Designer
Sung Min Lee
Software Developer
Kayla Santiago
Community Engagement
Archana Subba
Software Developer
Vishnu Swamynathan
Software Developer
Karan Tandon
Data Advisor
Nannan Zhang
Software Developer